Welcome to Carlos Malleum

Welcome to Carlos Malleum.

I started this blog in February 2015 in response to the gradual but pernicious decline in the quality of media journalism seen in the United Kingdom at present. It seems that ever since 1997 political correctness has been permitted to grow unhindered in our institutions and organisations to the extent that people, in particular the political elite and the mainstream media now default to PC rhetoric even if it flies in the face of the unpleasant truth facing us.

We see this across all aspects of our society to the extent now that any opinion that does not toe the mainstream line especially concerning immigration, religion, acceptance of social engineering is seen as unacceptable. Anyone who dares to voice any opinion that might be perceived as being right of that of the mainstream Conservative party are condemned as racists, fascists, ‘the far right’ and Nazis, even if all you wish to do is register your concern.

The population of the UK and in particular the indigenous population have for a long time now, been treated with utter contempt by the political elite. The sneering of the metropolitan ‘progressive’ population at those who would dare to question the status quo, to voice discontent about immigration, to be upset that their English speaking child is in a minority at her school is nothing short of disgusting. Anyone who dares to display pride in their ‘Britishness’, or worse, ‘Englishness’ is sneered at and condemned as a racist thug. The self employed have seen their businesses undercut by cheap, immigrant labour. The professional classes, who have fled our cities by the million over the last ten years, have been insulated from this but are eventually beginning to see the danger. Meanwhile, our political elite silence any protest by implementing laws designed to protect people’s feelings from being hurt and elevating one persons set of beliefs above another’s. They cosy up to big business, giving them a free pass re taxes, handing our vast public contracts to businesses that repeatedly fail to deliver. The small businessman cannot compete with a multinational who sees taxpaying as optional. The lack of competition in business, has licencsed robber barons who get richer whilst their customers and workers see the pound in their pocket buy less. Rampant commercialisation has undermined the once, great, moral heart of this country. The accumulation of wealth and the trappings of status are seen as socially more important than contribution to society, through education, medicine, philanthropy, culture and the worth of the individual.

And they wonder why the voters are angry with them? They wonder why we are joining the ‘extremist’ parties? They wonder why the Scots were a few thousand votes away from leaving the Union? They wonder why the party they all condemned as ‘racists’, UKIP, is taking votes by the thousand off them? 

Of course it is not restricted to the UK. Merkel in Germany, dismisses the very valid concerns of German voters as neo-Nazi whilst supporting the plutocrats of the ECB as they go head to head with the democratically elected government of Greece. The recent sentiment that ‘elections don’t change anything’ by an EU Bureaucrat is ample demonstration of the contempt the plebes sordida are held by the political elite across Europe.

It is my view that the people of Europe, the people of the UK have HAD ENOUGH of this. It is time to take ownership of our country once again. To realise that we, as Britons have NOTHING to be ashamed of and that our judeo-christian, Enlightened Northern-European culture is a force of good and of humanity and should be supported and defended.

Here, in this blog, we will spread this word. We will criticise without fear the creeping social engineering, uncontrolled immigration, incompetence and hypocrisy of politicians, creeping sharia and islamisation and, most importantly, what can be done about it.

Indigenous Britons, a majority but effectively a minority; for too long now the sodden handkerchief of those who weep tears of tolerance over those who are intolerant; are fed up. This is our country. We love it and are proud of it. We want it back. You are with us or you are against us.

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