Since when did we demand that the pointy bayonet of our democracies should become policeman’s blunt truncheon?





When are we going to start to honour and support those who do our dirty work for us?

 Release Colour Sgt Al Blackman NOW.


Last week, another tragedy, Rob Richards, a former Marine Corps Sniper (one of those that Michael Moore would label a coward) died at home, alone, from an accidental painkiller overdose. He’d never recovered the destruction of his career after he urinated on the corpse of some Taliban fighters he and his comrades had just killed. “Total Dismay” Hilary Clinton howled to describe the video evidence of his pee in January 2012. “Utterly Deplorable” said the then ‘Defense’ Secretary, Leon Panetta. These condemnations from those who were happy for him to do their dirty work effectively ended his career in the military and resulted in a decline into depression and substance abuse.

Closer to home, Former Colour Sgt Al Blackman of the Royal Marines was found guilty of murder at a court martial and sentenced to life with a minimum of ten years in military prison for ‘murdering’ a wounded Taliban fighter.

At the end of a gruelling 6 month tour of duty, carrying the full burden of responsibility of a senior warrant officer for his men, and supporting and using his vast experience to support his officer Colour Sgt Blackman, a man leading the fight against those who would murder us all in our beds given half a chance finally lost his temper. He was shown on video shooting a wounded Taliban fighter “there you are. Shuffle off this mortal coil” he softly says as he squeezes the trigger “it’s nothing you wouldn’t do to us”. He then turned to his comrades and said “Obviously this doesn’t go anywhere, fellahs, I just broke the Geneva Convention”.

Unfortunately, St Blackman had forgotten about helmet cameras.

Career Staff Officers and Government Ministers fell over themselves to condemn the actions of Sgt Blackman, a marine with an exemplary service record prior to the incident. He was arrested and tried and condemned. His own commanding officer couldn’t help put the boot in as he distanced himself and his command from Sgt Blackman.

The British Public, however, grumbled about this. If the politicians and staff officers of the Royal Navy and other services were ‘disgusted’ at Blackman’s actions, the British Public did not seem half as bothered if the comments on social media were anything to go by. Whilst politicians and Admirals were wringing their hands in humble apology that ‘this wasn’t cricket’ to pacify the objections of the left and the vocal Islamists at home; the feeling on social media was that a terrible injustice had been done to Colour Sgt Blackman for merely doing his job in an environment which those who condemn him have never and will hopefully never experience precisely because of men like Colour Sgr Blackman.

I have a real problem with the treatment of men like Blackman and Richards and scores of others. Since when did we demand that the pointy bayonet of our democracies should be a policeman’s blunt truncheon? It has been since we permitted our leaders to indulge in these half arsed military campaigns in Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere. Our soldiers, marines, sailors and airmen are expected to be chivalrous saints in the conduct of their war. They would and should never lower themselves to the conduct of the beasty gibbering enemy.

It’s a sorry state of affairs. If the armies of democracy had fought the Axis on these terms we would never have won WW2. The late great George Macdonald Fraser, in his excellent  “Quartered Safe Out Here” memoir of his life as a squaddie in Burma is unapologetic about his and his comrades execution of Japanese wounded and prisoners. This is war, ladies and gentlemen, if you don’t like it then don’t declare it.

I don’t want the men and women protecting us to play by the rules of ‘cricket’. I want them to be ruthless, violent, terrible and terrifying. I want them to strike fear and dread into the hearts of our  enemies and even more so into the hearts of those who would be our enemies. I want them to show no mercy to the enemy, to hound him out of his hole and ruthlessly dispose of him. I want them to be feared because if the armies of democracy are feared then, mark my words, they will not have to fight as many wars. How do you think the Romans ruled an empire from their small city? How do you think 5000 Britons governed India? Because, ladies and gentlemen, their armies and the wrath of those armies was feared by all.

Once a democracy makes the decision to go to war then war needs to be declared before we release our dogs. But once the dogs are released their actions will be terrible and will not be subject to the rules of peace. Islam is clear in its definitions, the House of War and the House of Peace – once a place is declared as the House of War, then normal rules no longer apply.

If we are ever going to beat militant Islam then we need soldiers like Blackman where he should be, out in front of his marines, talking a ruthless and terrible fight to the Taliban or ISIS or Boko Harem. If we are going to win this war, we must be as ruthless and as violent as our enemy, more so, because until we are the war will just drag on and on, more innocent lives will be lost and more soldiers like Blackman will rot in jail; political pawns for a cowardly and apologist leadership.

Release this man NOW, beg his forgiveness, give him his rifle and bayonet back and beg him to continue to defend us from the dark wave that threatens our democracy and enlightenment. What he did was brutal, morally wrong and ruthless but this is war.

A Petition  on the UK Govt Epetition site raised 107,258 sigs – petitions over 100,000 sigs are to be considered by the UK Parliament for debate.


Twitter: @justiceforBigAl


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Carlos Malleum..Charles Martel. Mayor of the Palace of the Franks, Duke and Prince of the Franks, the grandfather of Charlemagne. In 732 he raised an army of Europeans, both Christians and Pagans and stopped the Arab horde, bent on the Islamic conquest of what we now call France, in its tracks. The first major setback the Arabs had experienced during their rapid conquest of the Christian nations of the Levant and North Africa. Like many of us who write commentaries on Islam, I use a nom de guerre. This is because the usual answer of Islam to criticism is violence against the critic. Additionally, I live in the United Kingdom where it has become a criminal offence to criticise Islam it is now an offence to cause offence to Muslims. Think of that, the cradle of democracy, the British, a people who challenged their king 700 years ago have sold out their heritage, their history by criminalising freedom of speech.

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