The cowardice and hypocrisy of the Professional Briton

cotswold village

Watch this, then read below:

I have a confession to make. I have been a coward, I am a coward and I continue to be a coward. Worse, I am a hypocrite.

As a member of Britain’s ‘professional classes’ I have stood by, selfishly pursuing my career and family’s happiness whilst the fabric of the society that made our country a pillar of freedom has been eroded. As Pat says, we are the first generation who has not had to fight for our freedoms and it shows.

Did you know that between 2004 and 2014 around 1.5 million people left London? We left in 2007, we moved to Edinburgh and then, in 2014 we moved to Northumberland, rural, market town, indigenous Northumberland. I think back to 2007 and look at the friends that we had in London at the time. The majority have left. They all had several things in common: they were university educated, they worked in either professional jobs or in white collar management jobs or ran their own businesses providing professional services. They have all, without exception either moved to a town or village commutable to London or moved, as we have to an area far from London. Why? Well, it’s obvious isn’t it? Once we had kids we decided we didn’t want to bring them up in London. Now, I’m pretty certain that if I ask those friends to honestly give the reason why they didn’t want to bring their children up in London, they would say that they did not like the fact that the local schools did not provide the education they wished for their children and part of this was due to the huge number of immigrants that have swamped those schools since 2000. It is a fact of life that in London, and across many of our cities, our schools, especially the primary schools are increasingly places where English is a minority language. Where indigenous Britons are no longer the majority of pupils, where the values that we were brought up with at primary school are no longer taught. It is disgusting that, rather than ask our political masters ‘why’ this was the case, we simply moved to a part of the world where we could guarantee that our kids would be able to go to a school where English was the common language and were indigenous British were the majority of the pupils.

What makes this worse is that whilst sneakily building this new life for their families the professional classes have either sneered at or sat back whilst those who were unable to leave the cities have been sneered at by the metropolitan elite. Pilloried as ‘racists’, ‘islamophobes’, ‘neo-Nazis’ and ‘fascists’. Why? because, they, the St Georges Cross waving, white van driving, shaven headed natives of these islands; who were never asked if they wanted unrestrained immigration; who are expected to adapt and welcome these immigrants with open arms; who are condemned the moment they open their ill educated mouths to voice their concerns. These terrible bigots, named so by Gordon Brown and sneered at by Emily Thornbury, from her New Labour Bastion, aka a £3 million house in Islington, dared to stand up and tell us that they were unhappy about their little Wayne and Sharon being the only white kids in their class.

It is high time that the professional classes stepped up and started to support those who are less fortunate, those who cannot leave the cities, those who are condemned as racists for simply flying their country’s flag. It’s high time the professional classes held their political colleagues to account for the unrestrained immigration since 1997, for the attacks on our freedom of speech, for the cowardice displayed by the media and politicians in tackling the cultural terrorism that Islam has placed upon our society over the last 20 years. Held them to account for elevating a belief system above others and for enabling islamofascism; held them to account for politicising our police force with their ‘hate laws’ which are unevenly applied by a justice that is no longer blind.  Held them to account for a country where a parliamentary candidate can be arrested whilst campaigning for quoting Winston Churchill. Held them to account  for a system which allows the burning of a Bible as art but would send you to prison for doing the same to a Koran. Held them to account for turning their backs on the systematic genocide of Christians across the Middle East and North Africa; held them to account for allowing the unrestricted flow of Saudi cash into UK Muslim communities, promoting Wahhabi and Salafist extremism;  held them to account for initiating the greatest peacetime cultural change in the history of this country or any other country.

“When you cast your eyes across the skies of this once proud nation…”

It is most unpleasant to have a mirror held up to one and to confront the reality. I have done this, I have, like millions who could afford to, turned my back on the city, on London and even on Edinburgh in order to buy my children the education I had. The British education I had. But what about those left behind? Are we going to judge them because they won’t toe the line? We sit back in the security and comfort of our rural English idyll and judge those left in a multicultural hellhole they neither asked for, were never consulted on.

We should be ashamed.

About Carlos Malleum

Carlos Malleum..Charles Martel. Mayor of the Palace of the Franks, Duke and Prince of the Franks, the grandfather of Charlemagne. In 732 he raised an army of Europeans, both Christians and Pagans and stopped the Arab horde, bent on the Islamic conquest of what we now call France, in its tracks. The first major setback the Arabs had experienced during their rapid conquest of the Christian nations of the Levant and North Africa. Like many of us who write commentaries on Islam, I use a nom de guerre. This is because the usual answer of Islam to criticism is violence against the critic. Additionally, I live in the United Kingdom where it has become a criminal offence to criticise Islam it is now an offence to cause offence to Muslims. Think of that, the cradle of democracy, the British, a people who challenged their king 700 years ago have sold out their heritage, their history by criminalising freedom of speech.

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