The Citizen Act – a post too controversial for The Telegraph – how the UK Media denies the truth..

The Citizen Act is a Tumblr Blogger, in January the blogger attempted to post factual statistics about the current beliefs of UK Muslims. The posts were either placed under review or deleted by the mainstream Media Sites they were posted on. Presumably, the truth is too unpalatable for these publications who,m, once again let down the people of the UK by their denial of facts. However, the truth is like a lion, you don’t need to defed it, you just need to wake it up!

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‘Too controversial for the Telegraph?’ The MSM is the enforcer for those who believe in the right to not be offended.

This is a post which was deemed too ‘controversial’ for the Telegraph, a British newspaper which often regards itself as a bastion of free speech.

UPDATE (17/01/2015)

  • The post was deleted by the Guardian. I challenged them. I stated my belief they were paying lip service to je suis Charlie, I questioned how long my post would remain. It lasted 7 minutes and received 27 upvotes. Following the deletion of the post, the Guardian deleted my account (‘TheCitizenAct’). Four users followed-up on the deletion of my post, posting comments disagreeing with the Guardian’s stance. One man, despite disagreeing with the narrative in my post, called it a ‘massive own goal.’
  • The post has remained in ‘pending’ status on The Spectator. ……..continues

About Carlos Malleum

Carlos Malleum..Charles Martel. Mayor of the Palace of the Franks, Duke and Prince of the Franks, the grandfather of Charlemagne. In 732 he raised an army of Europeans, both Christians and Pagans and stopped the Arab horde, bent on the Islamic conquest of what we now call France, in its tracks. The first major setback the Arabs had experienced during their rapid conquest of the Christian nations of the Levant and North Africa. Like many of us who write commentaries on Islam, I use a nom de guerre. This is because the usual answer of Islam to criticism is violence against the critic. Additionally, I live in the United Kingdom where it has become a criminal offence to criticise Islam it is now an offence to cause offence to Muslims. Think of that, the cradle of democracy, the British, a people who challenged their king 700 years ago have sold out their heritage, their history by criminalising freedom of speech.

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